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InventHelp® Review Airs on CNBC

World Business Review (WBR) is a television newsmagazine that airs on both CNBC and Bravo. In December of 2006, a program was run on innovation featuring an InventHelp review. InventHelp paid for the production costs of this segment to inform the public about its services. InventHelp attempts to submit ideas to companies in the hopes of obtaining good-faith reviews.

Robert Susa, InventHelp's Director of Sales & Marketing, appeared on the show. Susa said, "Our goal in being on the show was to educate inventors about our services with an InventHelp review and to differentiate ourselves from other competitors through our honest approach to the invention business."

Hosted by General Norman Schwarzkopf, the weekly review series is among the longest running TV programs utilizing the newsmagazine format. General Schwarzkopf is best known for his service as Commander-in-Chief, United States Central Command and Commander of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The WBR field-shoot crew visited InventHelp's corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh in mid-September for a review. In October, Susa traveled to Florida to film the segment with General Schwarzkopf. (Read the full transcript here.)

Among the program highlights from this InventHelp review, the General noted that two-thirds of new inventions come from individual inventors. He asked Susa what types of challenges inventors face.

"Many companies adhere to the 'not invented here' mindset – which means if they didn't invent it, it's not worth producing," Susa replied. "It's really hard to get a company just to look at an invention, much less review it in confidence. At InventHelp, we have a databank of companies that agree to review our clients' inventions in confidence."

When asked what is different about InventHelp when compared to other invention companies, Susa replied, "I would have to say it's our people. We have a staff of committed, dedicated people."

"We have INPEX®, America's Largest Invention Trade Show featuring the INPEX Inventor's University™, which helps to educate inventors on subjects of interest. We let inventors know up front that the invention business is high risk and our policy is to tell the truth. We teach our sales people that policy and if they don't do that, they can't work for us. I don't think the other companies share that same commitment."

During the InventHelp review, the General asked what's in store for the invention industry in the future. "With TV shows like American Inventor and Everyday Edisons, I think the invention business will continue to grow," Susa said. "It seems like the American public is fascinated with inventions. I believe that this may persuade companies to see the American inventor, the garage tinkerer, as a great source of innovation in the future."

This InventHelp review segment appeared on World Business Review during the Sunday, December 10th program on CNBC.

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