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Virtual Invention Presentation™ or VIP

The Virtual Invention Presentation (VIP) is a DVD containing 3D renderings and computer-generated animation of your invention, as well as voiceover narration of the features and benefits of the idea. It provides viewers with a more tangible understanding of how your invention may work in practice.

The Virtual Invention Presentation displays all of the information from your InventHelp color submission brochure, with the added benefit of showing your invention being used in 3D animation.

Virtual Invention Presentation contains:

  • Invention Design Advantages
  • Invention Design Features
  • Animated 3D Invention Demonstration

With InventHelp's Virtual Invention Presentation, bringing your invention to life is as easy as clicking a mouse or pressing play on the DVD player!

InventHelp's Virtual Invention Presentation is a dynamic presentation of your invention delivered on an easy-to-use DVD format. Visit an InventHelp office to learn more about how the VIP service may be right for your invention.

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