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Inventor Resources

InventHelp® has been a leading inventor service company since 1984. We occasionally publish information and links to invention help pages that we think may be of interest to inventors. Use the links below to navigate through the inventor resources available from InventHelp. On these pages, we have collected news articles for and about inventors, as well as invention trivia, patent information and links to other invention help Web sites. Below is a brief description of the inventor resources we provide for InventHelp.com visitors.

  • "Invent Help" Invention Newsletter Archives
    Browse through past issues of our free monthly e-newsletter, filled with invention history, trivia and fun facts, as well as information that may prove useful to inventors.
  • Invention Help Links
    Here you will find links to other Web sites offering information and services that may be of use to inventors. The links are grouped for convenient navigation into various categories.
  • Patent Information from the USPTO
    InventHelp does not provide legal advice of any kind, but we offer this invention help information from the United States Patent and Trademark Office about patent applications, amendments and appeals, as well as directions for using an inventor's log, facts on U.S. patent history, and more.
  • Inventors and Inventions in the News
    In this section of inventor resources you will find media articles about InventHelp clients and their inventions. While InventHelp cannot guarantee media coverage for all our clients, we are pleased to report that these "inventors and inventions in the news" articles were obtained through the efforts of our communications team.
  • Invention Trivia
    What effect has Tony Soprano had on inventors? Who really invented the airplane? What was Benjamin Franklin's most important invention? InventHelp is pleased to present the answers to these questions and more in the "invention trivia" section of our inventor resources.

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