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InventHelp® Client Invention Stories

The links below are to stories about InventHelp clients and their experiences with our company. We hope you find these invention stories as interesting as we do. Please do not base your decision to purchase InventHelp services on these stories, as they are atypical of what our clients can expect.

Weed Thrasher: The Weed Thrasher is a modified design for a weed trimmer head that is safer and easier to use than conventional models.

Twist-N-Set: The Twist-N-Set is a new design for a closet flange for connecting a toilet to a drain pipe. The product significantly reduces labor hours and materials.

Maxi-Edge: The Maxi-Edge Universal Mulching Blade is designed to push grass clippings down into the lawn to serve as mulch.

Magnetic Staple Remover: The Magnetic Staple Remover, invented by Indianapolis inventor Carmen Davis, collects the removed staples on a magnet strip keeping the users desk free of the discarded staples.

Brush 'N Spray: The Brush 'N Spray toothbrush invention, created by two InventHelp clients, aired in an infomercial test run.

InventHelp Clients' Inventions Appear on QVC: Several InventHelp clients have had the opportunity to have their products sold via the QVC home shopping channel.

Wham-O Splash Wash: InventHelp client Bill Schafer came up with an idea for a toy car wash for kids, and the invention was licensed to well-known toy manufacturer Wham-O®, Inc.

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow: This InventHelp client invention, which helps people sleep in the correct position, was licensed to Allstar Products group and is being sold by national retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Half Time Drill Driver: One of InventHelp's clients, a machinist by trade, used his real-life work experience to come up with an idea for a new tool attachment.

Prep Guard Kitchen Aid: This kitchen tool – which makes meal preparation faster, easier and safer – was created by an InventHelp client and aired on informercial spots featuring "As Seen on TV" personality Cathy Mitchell.

The above results are not typical as most client inventions are not licensed, manufactured, sold in stores and do not appear in infomercials or on television shopping networks.

From 2011-2013, we signed Submission Agreements with 5252 clients. As a result of our services, 144 clients have received license agreements for their products, and 24 clients have received more money than they paid us for these services.

To learn more about InventHelp's submission services, please complete our Inventor Information Request Form or call toll-free 1-800-INVENTION.

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